My arts practice is driven by experimentation, exploration and a persistent toying with control versus chaos in the search for visual balance and meaning.

Over the last five years I have tried to play around with a diverse range of media from acrylic, pastel, charcoal and collage to cold wax and oil and household/found materials giving the work a diverse vocabulary. I never start a painting with a set of preconceived ideas, play and intuitive working lead me to places I would never traverse without this approach. I never know if a painting will eventually contain elements of the natural world or be purely abstract in form and this I feel, is what keeps my work fluid, always evolving and interesting. Nevertheless, memories, emotions and sense of time and place seem to naturally osmose into the work. My process led paintings are built up in multiple layers with a focus on contrasts in texture, mark, colour and form. Sections or aspects of under layers are often brought to the fore using windowing or are excavated using various paint removal techniques (dependent on medium). It is at this point that the work is refined, harmonised and finalised.

My paintings have been exhibited throughout the UK including Ferens Art 
Gallery (Hull), Tarpey Gallery (Castle Donington) and the Royal West of England Academy of Art (Bristol).